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Kelly Slater Designs Surfboards : Omni

The (for now) last (but not least) Kelly Slater Designs model is Omni, another LFT technology based board for your everyday surf. Or as Kelly Slater himself puts it

“Where do you surf this board? The Omni. As the name implies, it’s an all-rounder for every kind of wave. I’ll ride this in basically any surf that’s not too big, but even then, I’ll try it if I can catch the wave. My personal favorite wave for this is a punchy, head-high (or slightly bigger) wave with a face to carve. What makes this board work well? This board is a collaboration of ideas with Tomo. It’s his basic dimensions with my more drawn-in tail and scaled more for my eye. This board looks like it would like a small wave but it’s surprisingly good in overhead waves, also. The drawn-in tail can handle a bit more speed and allows you to push the turns on the face. I’m a junkie for all fin setups, but for typical surfing on the face I go Tri Fin and for barrels I like the quads. Any other reasons you picked this board? This board plays into the less-is-more concept and allows you enough planing surface to do what you want without anything getting in the way”

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The Omni:

Kelly Slater Designs’ take on the Banana: “The Omni takes modern OMNI functional aesthetics to new places with a clean and minimalistic meeting of Kellys performance round tails and Tomo’s modern planing hull de-signs. The Omni will revel in smaller waves upto 5ft with smooth and ex-tremely radical perfor-mance capability. Suited to intermediate to ad-vanced riders. 5-fin setup”

The guys of Stabmag noted that “With its blunt nose, the Omni is Slater’s vision of an everyday, go-to board. He rides it at 5’3”x 18 3/4”x 2 5/16” with 24.8L of volume. The board is an updated version of the planing hull theory that Thomson’s been playing with over the last several years. With a more pulled in, rounded tail than in most of Thomson’s other boards, the Omni is built to Slater’s specifications and fits with his interest in the less-is-more concept.”

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