What Surfboard Should I Buy?

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Our Firewire Guide Part 1

It is always difficult to find out what kind of your board you should buy, we always advise our guests on which board should be suitable for their level or area based on their desires and goals. However, if you are interested to compare some options and have an even more ‘objective’ advice – check out the FireWire / Kelly Slater Designs board and volume calculator here:

Firewire Surfboards: Volume Calculator Board Selector

From Firewire directly: “The volume calculator, developed in partnership with BoardFormula.com, generates your individual minimum and maximum suggested volume. The lower volume indicates the minimum flotation for your Performance shortboard, while the larger number indicates the suggested volume for an everyday or groveler model.

While there are other factors to consider such as the wave type and the water temp, we have cross-checked the volume calculator against the preferences of a wide range of surfers and found the results to be remarkably accurate.

The volume calculator then pulls together all the Firewire boards that fit your range into the compare function, allowing a numerical comparison between different models.”

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