We present: Chef Andres

When you think of Kalon Surf Camp in Costa Rica, learning to surf, beautiful waves and palm trees and paradise-like beaches probably come to mind. But as much as we love to surf, we also love to enjoy food and our culinary staff is helmed by Chef Andres. An Argentine by birth, Andres has found his culinary home amidst the tropical beauty of Costa Rica. We sat down with him to get a sneak peek into his kitchen and the heart behind the dishes.

From the Streets of Argentina to the Beaches of Costa Rica

Hailing from Argentina, Chef Andres grew up surrounded by bold flavors and the comforting aroma of home-cooked meals. But the tropical allure of Costa Rica stole his heart. “I’ve always been a fan of this beautiful little paradise. And when I first tasted Costa Rica’s local produce, I was sold. It was like discovering a whole new world of flavors,” says Andres with a gleam in his eye.

Marrying Two Worlds on a Plate

While Argentine cuisine is all about hearty grilled meats and robust wines, Costa Rican food is a celebration of fresh produce and delicate flavors. Andres saw an opportunity to create something special. “It’s like blending a passionate tango with a laid-back beach tune. The result? A melody that’s just irresistible!” he laughs.

Straight From the Farm and Into Your Plate

Kalon Surf Camp’s food isn’t just about taste. It’s about ethos. Andres is a firm believer in supporting the local community. “The tomatoes, the fish, the spices – they’re all sourced from our neighbors. It’s fresh, it’s local, and it’s packed with love,” he explains. This farm-to-table philosophy doesn’t just add a touch of freshness to the dishes; it ensures every bite is a slice of Costa Rica.

Must-Try Delights

Curious about the best picks? Chef Andres recommends the Seared Tuna with a tangy Mango and Avocado Salsa. And for those craving a touch of Argentina? “You can’t miss the pork belly. It’s where my past meets my present,” he winks.

A visit to Kalon Surf Camp means you will learn to surf, but definitely also that you will dive into the culinary waves crafted by Chef Andres. It’s not just food; it’s a story, a journey, and an experience.



You deserve the experience of paradise that Kalon has to offer.

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You deserve the experience of paradise that Kalon has to offer.