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How To Pick The Right Surfboard for You

As stated: “Volume (width x length x depth) is now seen as a primary contribution in establishing the best board for a surfer. However, other factors, such as age, ability of the rider and the type of wave they regularly surf, are necessary factors to take into consideration when shaping and choosing the right board.”

And the calculator of our partner Firewire states: “A 3-Tiered Approach: The VOLUME CALCULATOR will produce suggestions for Beginners, Intermediate and Advanced surfers. If a suggestion seems too big or small, make sure you have selected the calculator that best represents your ability.

Your Volume: The VOLUME CALCULATOR provides a MIN and MAX suggested volume. The lower volume indicates the MIN flotation for your Hi-Performance Shortboard, while the higher number indicates the optimum volume for a Hybrid or Pure Stoke model. Of course you will need to factor in your individual preferences before making a final selection.”

However, shape is equally important – the rocker will make or break situations where the wave is fast and hollow, or the other way around. The tail (squash or roundpin or fish), the rails – it will make big differences.

So what to do? You can always send us an email and ask for our opinion on the selection you have; however, we feel that the Firewire Volume Calculator & Board Selector is an excellent tool that takes the shape, volume and your own characteristics and based on that finds the type of surfboards that would actually work very well for you.

“The VOLUME CALCULATOR, developed in partnership with, generates your individual MINIMUM and MAXIMUM suggested volume. The lower volume indicates the MINIMUM flotation for your Performance shortboard, while the larger number indicates the suggested volume for an EVERYDAY or GROVELER model.”

Or of course check out their Firewire Surfboard App.

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