Kelly Slater Designs’ The Helium Gamma

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Slater Designs Surfboard Helium Gamma on the beach

Kelly Slater Designs Surfboards : The Helium Gamma

Kelly Slater on The Helium Gamma

“It’s just a great standard small board; performance board.
It’s kind of like, putting years and years of design into a board that just feels good under my feet. Right away.”
-Kelly Slater on The Helium Gamma.

From the guys of Slater Desigsn: “We crafted this Slater Designs shape using an ultra-light foam core, and an ultra-light (but durable) aerospace composite deckskin so that the deck feels soft beneath your feet without leaving footwells.

We built a Springer into the deck for ultimate pop in the lip, and we crafted a brand new rail blending a mix of both paulownia wood and balsa wood, because we wanted speed on-rail and quick rebound when exiting turns.”

[getImage src=”/wp-content/uploads/2017/10/unnamed-6.jpg”]

And the guys of Firewire Surfboards had to add: “The Gamma is Kelly’s 2017 utility short board! Though Kelly has worked with several great shapers this past year on an array of different shapes, it was his excitement with the speed and quick direction changes provided by this personal design that held his intrigue. His interest in CAD board design, modifying variables, and testing and retesting has lead to the development of an incredible all around short board.

With a single concave bottom and slight vee behind the back fin, this board is extremely fast and drivey. The vee out the back makes for quick rail to rail transitions. Within the hi performance short board range this would be considered a medium rocker with a med to even a slightly pinched rail.

The distinct hip on the Gamma gives it a tighter turning radius allowing it to be ridden in a shorter wider set of dims as well as the common performance short board dims. This board excels in a broad range of waves and conditions.”

We, at Kalon Surf, are excited to have this the Helium Gamma in our board collection for our guests.

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