Friends of Kalon – 5 Minutes with Ned Sheeran (Updated 2020)

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12x Ned Surfing at hidden beachbreak

As guest experience is at the heart of the Kalon philosophy we love to share the insights of our friends. Ned Sheeran has visited our resort over 10 times, we found out why he loves the Costa Rican surf and making new surf friends from all over the world.

Experiencing Three Vacations in One…

I like to think that visiting Kalon is like experiencing 3 vacations in one…

The Surfing Experience

It’s great to have access to a wide range of surfboards and the latest technology during each visit as well as being coached by people who are at the top of their game when it comes to surfing. The video and photography analysis element of the coaching sessions I think is crucial in order to really get to grips with your technique and improving your surf skills. Kalon are especially good at this.

Natural Wonders

I love visiting and discovering the uncrowded beaches close to Kalon. From the natural scenery including palm trees and stunning vistas of the surrounding hills and mountains to the interesting plant life and animals like lizards and iguanas, there is always something new to see.

The Costa Rican Surf

In many of the popular surf destinations, the water is crowded, but in Costa Rica there’s enough space in the water that you feel like you have a practice area to yourself without worrying about falling off your board and into a fellow surfer.

Making New Friends

I’ve been lucky to have met many interesting and diverse people during my time at Kalon. I’m usually a solo traveller, and I’ve stayed with families, couples, and fellow solo travellers. Surfing becomes a fast-bonding experience and each evening there are great dinners at the table where everyone shares stories and gets to know each other. Over time, I’ve stayed in touch with many guests, and they’ve become friends and surf buddies back in the States. That said, you don’t just meet people from the US. I’ve surfed with people from Canada, the UK, Germany, the Netherlands, Italy and many other places

The People of Kalon

The Kalon team are fantastic and I have made many firm friendships. I always look forward to catching up with the team when I visit and also getting some great local tips on places to visit and experience the local culture

and finally.. surfing is strenuous and such great exercise – I never sleep better than when I’m at Kalon (we can’t argue with the importance of a great night’s sleep).

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