What’s Costa Rica Like In May?

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May is the beginning of the “rainy” season in Costa Rica, which means SSW swells (which are favorable for Costa Rica) and the added benefit of a jungle that is completely lightened up. Often people think it rains all day every day, however, Costa Rica has over a 1000 micrco climates, and depending on where you are located it various a lot. Typically the pacific coast has beautiful days and some cooling rain showers at night.  Visiting in May also means there is a great chance to skip the crowds and save yourself some money too since you’ll avoid the crowds that come with peak visiting times — giving you a chance to glimpse an authentic side of Costa Rica that many tourists miss.   

What’s the weather like in Costa Rica In May?

Costa Rica’s May weather is often warm with temps around ranging from 80°F to 88°F. Since May is the end of the dry season in Costa Rica rain becomes more consistent in at nightfall, and occasionally during the day, so you’ll want to be prepared. This means you’ll want to pack appropriately for rainy, but warm weather, but if you come prepared you’ll be rewarded with an incredible stay. If you come later in the season June, July and August are actually not rainy at all and are part of ‘veranito’ which means little summer and is a favorite time for many to visit Costa Rica. 

Temperature-wise, May tends to see days reaching an average of 85ºF, and temperatures stay consistent throughout the day.. You’ll be to enjoy plenty of sunshine, early morning hikes and heart-racing surfs, with the sun rising at around 5 am and setting at around 6 pm. 

This means you’ll still get that beautiful Costa Rica sunshine in May especially along the Central Pacific Coast. Going further north to Manuel Antonio and Jaco is generally more dry than towns further south such as Dominical or Uvita. Expect plenty of sunny mornings and some rainy afternoons. No matter when you visit in May you won’t find a lot of crowds as the time falls between tourists escaping winter and tourists coming for the summer months, which means reduced visitation by guests throughout Costa Rica. 

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Average May Temperatures in Costa Rica

Pacific Coast: Daily Highs can range from 82°-87° Fahrenheit degrees (27° -32° Celsius)

San Jose: Daily Highs range from 80°F to 78°Fahrenheit, rarely falling below 75°Fahrenheit (20°-30° Celsius)

Caribbean Cost: Daily Highs on the Caribbean Coast range from 71°- 87° Fahrenheit (22-31 C)

When Does The Sunrise and Set in May In Costa Rica?

Typical sunrise time in Costa Rica in May is between 5am and 5:20am, while the typical Sunset time is between 5:50pm and 6:00pm.

4  Tips for Traveling to Costa Rica in May

  1. Plan for all types of weather – While the temperatures in Costa Rica in May are reliably balmy — you will have occasional days that feel a little more cool or wet with showers and thunderstorms. The Central Valley has more rain, where as the coast will see less. Pack plenty of beach gear and swimsuits, but throw in a few pairs of jeans, some wet weather gear, and be ready to surf in the rain since there is often no lighting.
  1. Choose a holiday to suit your style – There’s plenty to see and do in Costa Rica, especially during this beautiful time at the turn of the wet and dry seasons. Expect your trip to be refreshing and even a little challenging if you try your hand at surf lessons, but don’t feel like you have to book a vacation that isn’t ‘you.’ If you want to unwind and be pampered or if you want an adventure packed journey, be honest with yourself and book accordingly!
    If you’re still wondering how many days is the perfect length for a Costa Rica trip, check out our blog on calculating the duration of your vacation.
  1. Book a holiday with a trusted company – As with any international holiday, choosing a trusted source when booking your trip is essential. With plenty of satisfied customers, Kalon Surf can make your vacation truly unforgettable. From luxurious resort accommodation to unforgettable experiences and surfing, you’re guaranteed to have a great time. 

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