Surfing Risks: Tips For Staying Safe In Open Water

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We think that surfing is one of the greatest sports in the world, but like anything, there are a number of surfing dangers that you should be aware of when you get your board out. Understanding surf risks is important in any destination where you decide to enter the water and surfing dangers can change depending on your chosen location, so it is important to always take the local conditions into account.

Ocean currents and riptides

Sometimes dragging people miles in the wrong direction and exhausting them over time, ocean currents and riptides around the world cause a number of deaths every year. Avoiding surfing dangers relating to currents and riptides is about being able to read the water. Any patches of water that appear rough and inconsistent may be the result of clashing currents which can cause a strong undertow that may get you into trouble. If you find yourself caught in a rip, the number one rule is never to swim against the current. Disaster can be avoided by swimming across the current and waiting until it subsides before attempting to paddle back to shore.

Surf risks from other people

When you are surfing almost any break in the world, there will always be a risk caused by others in the water around you. The surfing dangers may come from surfers with less experience who lose control of their board or from non-surfers in the water. It is important to gauge the surf risks in the water for both scenarios before entering the water yourself. When you are scouting for optimal waves, make sure to choose waves that aren’t overcrowded and try to spot and be wary of beginner surfers who may create risk for you in the water.

Surfing beyond your experience levels

At Kalon Surf we are lucky enough to have surf breaks dotted around our resort to suit all surfing skill levels but it is important to only surf the breaks that suit your skill levels. The surf risks associated with riding waves that are beyond your skill level can come from not knowing what to expect from the wave itself. Surfers can become pinned down by a wave, being rolled for a long period of time. It is important not to panic if you find yourself dragged underwater. Though at the time, it may feel like hours, the drag does not usually last for more than a few seconds. Avoiding surfing dangers from waves that are beyond your skill level can be negated by engaging professional surf coaching to improve your surfing skills and your confidence.

Contact us today to discuss your next surfing holiday. As the experts in our local area and surfing conditions, our expert team can help you to avoid local surf risks to ensure that you have the safest and most enjoyable surf vacation possible.

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