6 Travel Adventures You Can Do In Costa Rica

From surfing uncrowded waves, exploring lush national parks, and getting off the beaten track mountain biking, a Costa Rica tour should be at the top of your list if you’ve been seeking to satisfy a yearning for adventure travel. With miles of sun-kissed beaches for you to luxuriate in, adrenaline-fueled activities, rich cultural heritage, and sumptuous meals, new memories will be made every day.

Whether you want to turn up the action or catch some rays, Costa Rica makes the perfect weekend getaway that could quickly become a week-long plus love affair. With easy flight connections across the Americas and sun year-round, Costa Rica has long been a prized destination for expats, luxury travelers, and sojourners chasing the perfect wave.

Things to do in Costa Rica

While brimming with artisanal restaurants, quirky bars, and luxe resorts, let us show you another side of the island. Leave overcrowded touristic sites behind and read on to find the best things to do in Costa Rica.

  1. Surfing in Costa Rica

With long surfing seasons, rolling swells, rough breaks, and soothing water temperatures in the 80s,  it’s like the surf Gods designed Costa Rica for themselves. While the quality of the surfing in Costa Rica has attracted surfers from all over the world for decades, the country’s focus on sustainable eco-tourism ensures you’ll enjoy an authentic experience that respects nature and the majesty of the open sea.

From the Osa Peninsula to Santa Teresa and Jaco Beach, there are more than 300 pristine beaches that crest the island’s coastlines for you to discover. No matter if you’re a beginner surfing for the first time or are a seasoned pro, there are plenty of spilling and plunging waves for everyone. If you want to learn more about surfing for the first time or fine-tuning your skills, make sure you check out our guide for some helpful tips.

Whether you’re looking to enjoy the freedom of uncrowded lineups and empty barrels, Kalon Surf is your best bet for surfing Costa Rica’s world-class waves. With expert coaching to polish up your technique and progress to more advanced moves, yoga and massages to revitalize your body, and the luxury of an all-inclusive service, Kalon Surf will have you ready to catch your first unbroken wave or the gnarliest wave you have ever been on, against a stunning backdrop of green-filled mountains and tropical jungle.

  1. Explore an underwater world

From the fantastical colors of its azure beaches and flamboyant coral reefs, snorkeling and diving will be a star highlight on any Costa Rica tour. With over 6 miles of reefs to explore from Moín to Punta Mona on the South Atlantic coast and other reefs punctuating its Pacific Ocean coastline and islands, you’ll be enveloped by an endless forest of turquoise gorgonians, spiny sea fans, and tree-like elkhorn coral.

Experienced up close, few activities can compare with snorkeling and diving in this alien world of spectral corals, urchins, angelfish, blue parrotfish, barracudas, and stingrays. Divers also have the opportunity to tour wreckages of sunken ships, including a former slave ship complete with cannons that reflects a darker period in Costa Rica’s colonial history.

  1. Awe-inspiring expeditions

Home to 27 national parks, canyoning, hiking, and horseback riding are among the best things to do in Costa Rica. Hiking through hundreds of years old trees and wild terrain with the calls of howler monkeys somewhere in the distance…adventure travel doesn’t get any more raw or authentic than this.

Much of Costa Rica’s unique landscape and nature can be attributed to its volcanos, 6 of which are still considered active. Arenal Volcano is one of Costa Rica’s most popular attractions, especially for adventure travelers hiking its peaks or taking a revitalizing dip in the soothing waters of its geothermal hot springs.

Blanketed by jungle, Turrialba Volcano is a must-visit for tourists wanting to jump off the beaten track. An inspiring hike by itself, it also hosts the Guayabo National Monument, an ancient Pre-Columbian city. With remnants of tombs, aqueducts, petroglyphs, and other buildings, it offers a unique visit into the distant past.

  1. Deep-sea fishing

If you want to avoid the crowds, consider visiting during October, when it is prime season for fishing. While a slow, peaceful sport at first, it will give a full-body workout as you try to wrestle with marlin, sailfish, snapper, and wahoo, from the berths of your chartered boat. Lunch won’t get any fresher than this.

  1. Spotting animals in the wild

For a country that accounts for only 0.07% of the world’s population, Costa Rica makes a sizable impact with 5% of the world’s biodiversity. Its distinctive ecosystem makes for the perfect environment for wildlife viewing as you try to shoot (with your camera!) a tapir, anteater, basilisk lizard, and much more.

  1. Soar from the skies

If you’re looking for adventure travel that will take your breath away and a load off your feet, ziplining through the canopies through Dominical for a bird’s eye view of Costa Rica’s abundant nature from a different perspective.

Experience the best of Costa Rica with Kalon Surf

Costa Rica is the ultimate destination for families wanting to experience the wild side or jaunts with friends for pleasure-seeking thrills. And while surfing in Costa Rica is something you should give a try, there are myriad other adventurous activities you can undertake. From snorkeling and diving coral reefs to hiking jungles, cloud forests, swamps, and dry forests, explore our unique corner of the world with your choice of activity. With so much to do, any Costa Rica tour has something for everyone to enjoy.

At Kalon Surf, we also offer an optional day tour in San Jose on the day of departure where we will take you to La Paz Waterfalls and Paos Valcano. Just inquire with our team if you are interested.

At Kalon Surf Resort, we have a proud history of giving our guests an unforgettable stay with luxe interiors and attentive service, expert surf coaching, revitalizing amenities, exciting excursions, and the convenience of our all-inclusive packages. If you have any questions about surfing in Costa Rica or our offering, don’t hesitate to get in touch — we’re happy to help.

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