Why Volume Is So Important And What It Means For Your Surfing?

Did you know that the volume of your surfboard has a sign effect on the way you surf? The volume of your board will alter how the board turns, how many waves you catch, and your overall speed. That’s because the volume of your board determines how buoyant it is.

Simply put, if you add volume to your board, you’ll float more. Add too much volume and you’ll float too much, which makes it more difficult to do turns and maneuvers. So, how do you calculate your surfboard’s volume? How do you determine which volume is right for you? We answer these questions and more below.

How to calculate surfboard volume

Though many people buy surfboards based on length, knowing the volume of your board is equally important, if not much more so. Length is one of three factors used to find the volume of a board, along with width and thickness. The volume is calculated in cubic liters — however, a basic length x width x height calculation won’t cut it.

The shape of the surfboard also affects the volume. That means two boards can have the same length, width, and height and still have different volumes. So, if you want to know the volume of your board, we recommend using a surfboard volume calculator online. You could also call your local surfboard retailer to see if they’d calculate your board’s volume for you.

What volume should my surfboard be?

There are two primary factors that determine the ideal volume of your surfboard. The more commonly known factor is your weight. Heavier surfers should typically opt for boards with more volume, while lighter surfers should opt for less. This will ensure that the buoyancy of your board isn’t completely thrown off by your body weight.

Another important factor is your skill level. Beginners are better off with surfboards with a high amount of volume, as you’ll be able to catch waves faster with less difficulty. For more experienced surfers, however, too much volume can make it difficult to do more complex turns and maneuvers. 

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