Surfing Skill Levels: Guide For Beginners To Advanced Surfers

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When traveling to any surf destination it is important to understand what your personal surfing skill levels are for your own safety and for the safety of those around you. Advancing through the surf levels from beginner to advanced is achievable at almost any age, like most other sports, all it takes is practice, experience, and dedication. So, what are the basic surf levels? And what skills should you focus on to advance your surfing skills?

The new wave rider

If you’ve only just had your first surf lesson or you have done a little training to paddle and pop up on your board, you would be considered a beginner. This is an exciting time in any surfer’s life as this is the time you begin to discover your passion for riding the waves. With the right instruction and plenty of time in the water, you can advance your surfing skill levels to experience more and more of what this great sport has to offer. Many new wave riders commit to advancing their surf levels by visiting a surf destination for dedicated surf coaching to improve their skills.

You’ve got some skills

Stepping up your surf levels to an intermediate skill range gives you more freedom to enjoy your time in the water. Mastering the bottom turn and the cutback are key maneuvers to achieving the intermediate surfing skill level. At this level, you will be able to angle your board and take off cleanly on a shoulder-high wave in a straight line towards the beach. Your intermediate skills will allow you to paddle out past the break and see you starting to catch unbroken waves by yourself. As you master your turns and duck dives, you will also learn how to control your speed on certain waves and learn how to position yourself for optimal wave-catching. Surfers at this level will thoroughly enjoy advancing their skills at a surf resort where they can spend days perfecting their technique and enjoying a more symbiotic relationship with the water.

Becoming one with the board and the ocean

When your surfing skill levels begin to reach an advanced level, you can freely choose the best waves before paddling them and you become a true top-to-bottom surfer who can ride the open face of the wave. A few of the maneuvers that are usually attributed to an advanced surfer include floaters, off-the-lips, roundhouse cutbacks, and closeout re-entries. Those who have achieved advanced surf levels can get barreled in medium waves and can manage their weight transitions from rail to rail.

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