How Long Should You Wait Before Going On Holiday With Your Partner?

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If you’re looking to get away with your new sweetheart, you may be wondering, is it too soon to spend the holidays together? We’ve got a few guidelines you can follow to make sure it’s the right time for you.

How long should you wait to go on holiday with your partner?

Some sites suggest that you should be together for more than three months before going on holiday. However we believe that there should be no time limit on compatibility. Instead of counting the days, it might be better to count the milestones instead:

  • You should have spent at least 24 hours straight in each other’s company. If you’ve never spent the night together, you may realize your partner’s snoring is a dealbreaker!
  • The two of you should have resolved at least one major conflict together. Communicating and understanding each other is crucial. No travel plan goes off without a hitch, so make sure you won’t be at each other’s throats when your plane is delayed.
  • Most importantly, you have to feel comfortable with your partner first. This requirement could surpass any “time restraint” rules. If you don’t feel comfortable with them for three months, chances are you aren’t ready for a week-long vacation.
  • Take a weekend together first! A low-stakes trip with an easy out may be just what you need to evaluate your compatibility.

What are good holiday ideas for couples?

If you’ve passed the readiness test, it’s time to plan your vacation! It may feel like there is a lot of pressure on this trip, so you may be wondering how to relax. On holiday, especially on your first, follow these simple rules:

  • Have a good itinerary. Set in stone plans make sure the two of you have plenty of memories to make together, and less downtime alone in your room.
  • Have a guide or guidebook. Winging it can be great, but to minimize stress, do your best to plan upfront. This is especially helpful if you have to improvise – local knowledge gives you backup.
  • Finally, set boundaries and have free time. You are both individuals and every relationship needs healthy space.

With so many rules to follow, you may be wondering where you can go on your first couples’ vacation. Lucky for you, Kalon Surf is the perfect location

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