10 Surfing Tips And Tricks For Newbies

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With over 20 million people surfing across the planet, this water sport is one of the most popular board sports in the world.

Newbies searching for surfing tips or advice will soon find out there’s no right way to start surfing and nothing beats just diving right in and immersing themselves in the sport. However, we’ve gathered some tricks and tips for first-time surfers, designed to help you begin your surfing journey on the right foot.

1. Get some lessons first

Before you even get into the water, you’ll want to get some basic understanding of surfing and the risks that are involved. Knowledge is power and in this case, knowledge is also safety. 

If you are looking for some coaching and tips for learning to surf, our surf coaching in Costa Rica is the best place to start! 

2. Get your blood pumping

While we’re on the topic of what to do before jumping in the water, you’ll want to do some basic stretching and exercises to get your body warm. 

Just like with any sport, you will always warm up those muscles. Surfing is no different especially when you can be sitting in cold water.

3. Get the right surfboard

Choosing a surfboard can be a daunting experience for anyone without the proper knowledge, there are so many to choose from.

Research your options online and head down to your local surf shop to get some advice before making the final call.

4. Pick your beach carefully 

When you start heading out into the water, try to pick a beach that isn’t swarming with people. Do some research on your local spots and what times are recommended to be in the water. 

5. Practice

Like any new sport or hobby, you won’t be getting it right on the first go. This is why we suggest practising as much as you can to improve your confidence and skills in the water. 

6. Learn to read and be in the water

If you take your time to learn how to read the water and how to stay in the water on your board. You’ll find it easier to catch waves that are suited to your level of experience.

Sitting on your board in the water is also good surfing advice.  Truly time well spent enjoying nature and sun. Just try it and you’ll understand. 

7. Master the “pop up” maneuver

Practising your “pop up” maneuver” while remaining on the beach will help you become familiar with the movement. It will come to you much easier when you start to move into the water and take on waves.

8. Understand how a wave breaks 

Whitewash is the part of the wave that is breaking. If you maintain your position perpendicular to the whitewash, then you are ensuring you are not dragged under and pulled onto the shore. 

9. Bend your knees

This rule is a classic for a lot of sports and heavy lifting. One of the most basic surfing tips is you will want to really bend your knees to keep your balance while on the board.  

10. Have fun

The best surf tip of all – Have fun and take each learning experience as it comes. These surfing tips hopefully will help you feel at home with the waves in no time and wonder why you didn’t start to surf sooner.

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