Ty & Jan Review Kalon Surf

“this stay was beyond any other experience that we have had.”

This stay was beyond any other experience that we have had, and this includes staying at some very high end luxury properties (St. Regis Punta Mita). What made this stay so great- the people were amazing and looked after us personally, the amenities were intimate and the fun and laughter was contagious (I remember all the yelling and cheering on the beach when someone first stood up to surf- and this was instigated by the surf instructors).

Absolutely everyone was amazing- Henry was a great surf coach, Junior made us personal gifts to give our kids from palm leaves, Diego’s photography and the time he spent editing these, Andreas knowledge and encouragement, Juan’s and Denier’s food was outstanding, Ana and Edelma’s smiles and care first thing in the morning were brighter than the suns, Charlie for the way he catered to our requests with grace and pleasure, Alberto for his friendliness for the many hours he drove us. Also there were people that we did not get to spend so much personal time with- the security guys who made us coffee because we were leaving before breakfast, the Gardeners who looked after us and make sure the Aloe and food from the greenhouse was so fresh and inviting. If there was anyone that we missed out know that you all have a special place in our hearts.


You deserve the experience of paradise that Kalon has to offer.