Sam Reviews Kalon Surf

“I had never surfed before, but they had me up my first day and by the end of the week i hit the green waves. i cannot wait to return.”

I found Kalon on a Google search. All I knew was that for 10 years since visiting Costa Rica, I wanted to go back and learn to surf. I booked with very little information known about Kalon, but it was some of the best money I ever spent. From the countdown to the trip, Kalon stayed in touch and shared helpful information for the upcoming trip including a study guide for surfing, but also very detailed pickup information for which I cannot praise enough.

I arrived and felt instantly welcomed and pampered. Chef Juan had lunch waiting for me and I got to explore the property until dinner. My room was gorgeous, yet simple. The bed was incredibly comfortable and the bathroom spacious and pretty. The maids left a toilet paper bow tied over the lid of the toilet – it was so pretty, I felt bad taking it off! The food was out of this world, the staff so pleasant and hospitable. I loved the instructors – Henry, Roberto, Diego, and Andres. They were very patient and helpful. I had never surfed before, but they had me up my first day and by the end of the week I hit the green waves. I cannot wait to return. It felt like staying with great friends more than going to a hotel. The property was gorgeous and I was treated to a hummingbird performance each morning, we also had a sloth sighting and on our last day, monkeys!

I highly recommend Kalon to anyone considering the trip. I thought the cost was high before I went, but when I broke down the food, lodging, liquor and all the instruction – I felt like it was a bargain.


You deserve the experience of paradise that Kalon has to offer.