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you make a difference

Several years ago a guest overheard our staff talking about ways to help people in our town. Families with very limited resources, so limited, that often the kids could not go to school as they literally did not have anything to go to school with. 

The Kalon guest, said that he would have loved to know and understand that the need in Costa Rica is high, and that would have had plenty of unused space in his luggage. He said that we should at least give our guests the opportunity to help if they wanted to, by having them use some unused luggage space with basic items. 

Ever since, we dedicate one email to you, our guests, to thank you for staying with us as it helps directly our surrounding – please do no underestimate the importance of you choosing our hotel as a destination. You are helping change lives! 

And if, you would like to help out even more, you can bring any basic items:

  • Pens
  • Pencils
  • Notebooks
  • Toothpaste
  • Glue etc etc

Twice per year, at the start of each school semester, our staff and people close to us, identify families of high need. We make school packages, with the items our guests bring and we add backpacks and anything else that is missing, for these families and kids, which then allows them to start the semester like any other child!

Thank you! 

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