Best Fruit to Fuel Up With In Costa Rica

With surfing being such an intensive exercise where you’re exposed to the elements, maintaining the proper nutrient-dense diet has never been more essential. You should eat protein-rich food to promote muscle growth and whole-grain carbohydrates for energy. Besides having a protein and carbohydrate-rich diet, the most important thing to consider is that surfing can likely cause dehydration. 

The last thing you need is to feel light-headed or parched while exposed to the sun. In addition to drinking an adequate amount of water, snacking on native tropical fruits in Costa Rica is the best way to nourish yourself with the necessary electrolytes a surfer needs to keep up strength and remain adequately hydrated.

This blog will list scrumptious fruits in Costa Rica and their nutritional benefits before introducing you to Kalon Surf’s delectable cuisine, filled with fresh ingredients grown on-site.

The best fruits in Costa Rica to give you the energy you need for your next surf 

You know what they say — an apple a day keeps the doctor away. And the same goes for the rest of our tropical fruit in Costa Rica that you’ll find on colorful fruit platters and included on the menu of nearly every restaurant. 

Let’s take a look at some prime examples of fruits in Costa Rica you cannot miss for their nutrient-rich properties: 

  • Avocado — Whether it’s avocado on toast for breakfast, a guacamole appetizer to share with your loved ones, or a succulent burrito bowl topped with a dollop of guac, avocado is loaded with nutrients. In fact, just one avocado contains around 975mg of potassium. It’s high in fatty acids to store energy and protect joints and vital organs. 
  • Bananas — With 422mg of potassium per banana, you can count on bananas’ high amounts of potassium to help control muscles and blood pressure. With Costa Rica being the third largest supplier of bananas internationally, they are cheap and available at any local fruit stand or grocery store. Perfect to eat on the go or to add to a bowl of cereal or your breakfast smoothie, it’s never been easier to stay energized for your next surf.
  • Cas — If you’ve never heard of it, cas is a small, round fruit native to Costa Rica that ranges from yellow to green once it’s ripened. It contends with blueberries since they’re rich in antioxidants and have a low glycemic index, which is ideal for those who require a low-sugar diet. With about 80 percent of its contents being water weight, you should keep an eye out for this fruit when ordering your next fruit juice. 
  • Coconut — With a whopping 600mg of potassium and 252mg sodium per cup, natural sugar, calcium, magnesium, phosphorus, and low-calorie intake, you would be missing out if you didn’t stick a straw in a fresh coconut post-surf for instant hydration. 
  • Dragon fruit — Dragon fruit is one of the few fruits that contain iron to transport oxygen throughout your body and break down food into energy, exactly what surfers need to sustain the energy they’ve lost during exercise. It also contains vitamin C to help with iron absorption. Whether enjoyed on a fruit platter or your next smoothie, it’s not just a pretty fruit; it’s delicious too. 
  • Pineapple — You might be surprised to learn that more than 40 percent of the total exported pineapples worldwide come from Costa Rica! As such, they’re impossible to miss. Loaded with vitamin C, they also contain bromelain, which can speed up muscle recovery after surfing by reducing inflammation. Typically served with breakfast or even served with meats, this sweet snack is packed with essential goodness. 

Kalon Surf’s “farm to table” philosophy helps you feel great throughout the day 

Kalon Surf is renowned for its “farm-to-table” policy when it comes to our cuisine. All our dishes are prepared with fresh ingredients and fruits in Costa Rica, most grown from our fruit and vegetable garden as part of our commitment to maintaining a sustainable luxury resort experience for our valued guests. 

Our daily menu is created with our guests in mind to ensure they receive the required energy and nutrition to sustain them every day, particularly when surfing on our incredible Costa Rican beaches. 

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At Kalon Surf, our commitment to ensuring the well-being of our guests even translates through to our surfing lessons. Our surf coaches provide fresh fruits in Costa Rica during your surf to keep you nourished. After each surf session, they’ll offer fresh aloe to revitalize your skin from sun exposure. 

In addition to our nutrient-rich cuisine, our yoga and spa treatments are just what you need to speed up your muscle recovery for your next surf session and create a special moment of pure relaxation and calm. 
When it comes to Kalon Surf, you’re guaranteed a balanced luxury experience, from resting and unwinding to surfing, sightseeing, and exploring all Costa Rica has to offer. Book your next stay today and tick another item off your bucket list — you deserve it!

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