5 Reasons to Book an All-Inclusive Surf Trip

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Surfing is one of the fastest growing sports in America. For those of us who already surf, it’s no surprise— it’s proven to improve your mood, keep you in shape, and reduce stress.

However, the more people that make it to our local shorebreaks, the more crowded the water becomes. Surfing is also highly-impacting tourism. At Trestles, CA, they estimate surfing boosts their economy, bringing in a whopping $24M annually, just in tourism. Costa Rica? Try an estimated $800M, annually.

But will all the crowds at the beach, many surfers are finding waves (even during great swells) harder to catch. What are surfers—especially those who are landlocked and only escape the coast a few time a year, if they’re lucky supposed to do?

Turns out that all-inclusive surf trips might alleviate a lot of the problems current surfers face. Here are five reasons to book your trip:

1. All-inclusive surf resorts have way fewer crowds

Craving space? Most all-inclusive surf resorts take you overcrowded beaches and breaks. Their expert guides show you the hidden gems, the secret spots. Resorts offer charter trips to help you escape the crowds and find solitude, paradise, and perfect waves. Besides the ones you bring with you or the others staying at the resort.

For beginning surfers, this is a huge win: Many public surf breaks are home to super-aggro locals that may get a little physical when noobs/squid get in their way. Having your own private break lets you learn to shred on your own terms with friendlier crowds. For the intermediate-to-advanced surfers, a non-crowded, all-inclusive resort is exactly what your dreams are made of, right? And since Kelly Slater Wave Co’s human-built wave theme park isn’t open to the public yet, you may as well stay at a place with perfect waves and hardly any crowds.

2. They’re Perfect for Groups/Families, Large or Small

The hardest part about beach vacations is finding activities for everybody to do. Especially if you have some dedicated surfers in your crew or some folks who want to learn how to surf. Figuring out how to share your rental car, who gets to surf when and where, and even skipping epic swells so you can help your groms is frustrating.

All-inclusive resorts solve every problematic issue that comes with beach and surf trips. The newbies and kids can learn from the tutelage of surf instructors, while the rippers can paddle out for the big sets, worry-free. Not to mention the fact that you don’t have to limit who you bring on the trip, based on availability. All-inclusive trips are perfect for both friend and family trips and for surfers of all levels. It’s the only sure way to please everyone.

3. Zero-Effort Traveling

As surf cruises grow in population, so does the effort in getting to your final destination. Multiple airline trips, layovers, checking and rechecking heavy surf bags, melting surf wax, and damaging boards are all huge risks, especially for international travel. In fact, most surfing cruises and destinations recommend bringing multiple boards and extra gear in case of an accident. And unless you have an experienced surf guide, you better know where you’re going, and be a damn fine meteorologist to predict local swells. Also, your all-inclusive resort will have any first aid gear you might need.

All-inclusive resorts do everything for you except help you board the plane. All you have to do is pack some clothes, a few swimsuits, maybe some sunscreen, and entertainment for the flight, then stop on the plane and step right off. You won’t have to hassle with car rentals or finding 4-5 XL Ubers who can fit all your boards. With an all-inclusive surf resort, everything’s in one place. You’ll have access to expert locals who know every reef and beach break, when the current is too strong, and what’s best for you and your crew. Not to mention, they have plenty of surfboards for you to choose from.

Food is taken care of—not just snacks and drinks, but full course meals. Some even offer daily fine dining! After you come back from surfing, you won’t have to worry about cooking or finding a place to eat, you can just kick back and relax. And with many other travelers staying at the resort, you might just make some lifelong friends.

4. It Doesn’t Just Have to Be About Surfing

Let’s face it: If you’ve ever traveled anywhere, you’re aware by now that “getting there is part of the journey.” Once you reach your final destination, you’re tired, bogged down, maybe even jet-lagged. Or what if you’re trying to plan a trip with friends or family but most aren’t that interested in surfing the whole time?

That’s exactly why an all-inclusive surf trip is ideal. If you need a day to catch up on sleep (or are just too sore from paddling), it’s okay. There are plenty of other activities to participate in. Private beaches are actually private, so you can take a day off to just soak up some sun. If you want to do something a little more energized, you can grab some snorkeling gear and go under the sea or take a hike and explore local flora and fauna.

Bottom line: There’s zero pressure to surf all day every day. However, you’ll most likely want to do just that.

5. From Beginner to Pro, They Have Something for Everyone

Regardless of how skilled you are, you’ll be happy at an all-inclusive resort. The guides will tell you where to paddle for double-to-triple overheaders. Not sure your balance is up to that challenge? You can always stick to some soft, crumbly waves that are easy to catch on a funboard or minifish.

Regardless of who you’re traveling with and how talented they are, everyone will be satisfied. And since most all-inclusive resorts let you stay for 7-14 days, you’ll get plenty of rides.

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